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Diagnosing Your Allergies

The path toward easing your allergy symptoms begins with comprehensive diagnostic and allergy tests  that pinpoint the cause of your reactions and determine the best course of treatment. Board-certified allergy specialists in the Arizona Allergy Associates employ a wide range of tests to determine the source and severity of your allergies.

Breathing (Lung Function) Tests   
Breathing tests like spirometry measure how quickly you exhale air. These tests help a doctor identify whether your allergies are interfering with your breathing and causing asthma or other lung diseases.

Allergy Skin Tests 
With Allergy Skin Testing, drops of suspected allergens are placed onto and scratched into the skin. The allergist then monitors any reaction that can be used to determine allergic sensitivity.

Blood Tests
Allergy blood tests detect and measure the amount of allergen-specific antibodies in your blood. When you come into contact with an allergy trigger, known as an allergen, your body makes antibodies against it.

After testing, the allergist will review your results using your medical and exposure history to confirm or rule out a suspected allergic trigger.

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