How long can I expect to spend at my first (new patient) appointment?

Allow about 90 minutes for your first appointment. This will consist of a patient interview/history and a physical examination. Please review the instructions for skin testing as we may be able to perform testing at your initial appointment. **Insert link to antihistamine list**

How is allergy testing performed?

Allergy testing can be performed in two different ways: skin puncture/prick testing and blood testing. The testing method and number of tests will be determined by the physician at your initial visit.

What type of training does an Allergist have?

An Allergist who is Board Eligible or Certified must complete a minimum of five years of postgraduate training (after graduating from medical school). The first three years are spent completing a Pediatric or Internal Medicine residency (training program) and the subsequent two or three years are spent completing an Allergy/Immunology fellowship (training) program.

What insurance plans do you accept and do I need a referral?

We accept most major insurance plans. However, please contact your primary care physician, insurance company or our office for more information.

I have heard about allergy shots - how long would I need to receive them if they are prescribed by the Doctor?

In general, current recommendations are for a minimum of three to five years of allergy injections (immunotherapy). However, each person is different and therapy will be modified individually.

How long does it take to notice an effect from allergy shots?

Again, each individual will have a different response. But, it may take up to one year before improvement is seen.

What about oral allergy treatments ("drops on the tongue")? I don’t want to get a shot!

Allergy injections are currently considered to be the most effective means of allergy desensitization (allergen immunotherapy). Currently, other methods are considered to be unproven, alternative methods of treatment. Oral allergy extracts are not FDA approved at this time.

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